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Providing sales representation for companies that manufacture optical test and measurement equipment, AC/DC power related products, and OEM components for the commercial, industrial, and military electronics markets.

Sales and service to the electronics market since 1974.

Rapid market changes, increased competition and the ever-increasing complexity of technology are redefining the role of the traditional sales representative. Innovation and creativity are essential, along with technical expertise and the ability to work as a team player with principals. As a service organization, AMASCO offers additional sales and marketing support to its principals and customers through:

Technical Seminars

Trenching and Footers

AMASCO works with our Principals to facilitate local technical seminars.

Trade Show Support

House and Concrete Demolition

AMASCO supports our Principals by working in their booths at local or major Trade shows.

Marketing Programs

grading and terracing

AMASCO introduces new products by our Principals by focused Telemarketing and E-Marketing programs.

Key Account Programs

Trenching and Footers

AMASCO will present technical "Lunch-n-Learns" at Key Accounts to further educate that account on the products that we have to offer.

Monthly Sales Forecasts

House and Concrete Demolition

AMASCO provides a monthly Sales Forecast to our Principals for projections of sales and manufacturing.

Product Specialists

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AMASCO assigns one of our Sales Engineers to become the Product Specialist for each Principal. This person is our "Go To" person within AMASCO.

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 Featured Products

ELR9000 test and measurement equipment

Regenerates Load Power back into the AC line.

optical test and measurement equipment

The highest quality AC Sources available.

Power and Electrical Test & Measurement

The best value and performance digital scopes available

OEM and Embedded Components

The best PoE and Physical Layer Ethernet testers available